Who We Are

The Trust was established in the year 2023, the founding members come from a diverse background of medical as well as social development. Post pandemic period, the team realised the heavy burdens of hospitals being unable to meet the needs of patients (especially the elderly). Medezer, envisioned that every home needs compassionate and professional care.

In the early days, the team understood how difficult it would be to attract COMMITTED and COMPETENT workforce. This challenge prompted the team to look for innovative ways to attract and retain youngsters from rural background.

Manesh Mathew
Founder Trustee

Social Entrepreneur with over 30 years of management experience spanning across IT, Manufacturing, and healthcare. Manesh brings expertise in strategic management, organizational development, and social innovation. Been involved in setting up various MNC’s in the Indian market, especially working with in-house teams to strengthen the marketing as well as operational strategies. Currently involved actively in Northeast India, with focus towards building a resilient healthcare model. Also passionate about mentoring youth in pursuing social entrepreneurship as a way of uplifting the marginalised communities. Manesh is also quite passionate about building leadership from non-management backgrounds to solve some of the social problems in our community.
Manesh has a master’s in social Innovation & Entrepreneurship from London School of Economics.

Dr Tribeni Goswami
Founder Trustee

With a career spanning over 15 years in teaching as well as clinical microbiology, Tribeni brings to the team her rich experience of building the the training protocols for better services. She is also responsible for developing the bridge tele-consultation model at Medezer for the higher speciality needs of patients. In her past role, she has been instrumental in providing leadership to Community Health initiatives of the hospitals and accessing various governmental schemes including NRHM, RSBY. She has coordinated with governmental agencies on implementation of various programs of Integrated Counselling and Testing Centres (ICTC) and has overseen the functionality of various aspects of testing and counselling of patients, Conduction of awareness workshops at community level, schools, and colleges on HIV/ AIDS/ COVID quarantine awareness. Her passion revolves around teaching and applied research for uplifting communities.
MD, Microbiology Diploma in Hospital Administration from Symbiosis Institute of management, Pune, India

Dr Manju Mathew
Founder Trustee

A Consultant Pulmonologist and Critical Care Specialist, Dr Manju is experienced in setting up Critical Care Units (CCU) in multi-specialty hospitals in India. Her forte is setting up protocols and capacity building through rigorous training of successive levels of caregivers in any CCU settings. A brilliant academician, with qualifications including MRCP medicine, European Diploma in critical care, Indian Fellowship in critical care, MD and DNB in pulmonology, her experience pans government to corporate healthcare. She is actively involved in critical care associations for knowledge sharing and collaborations.

The team comprises of young talent from various States, who have been handpicked from diverse backgrounds. Every team member goes through an early orientation on our core values, which stands for committing to serve all with equal respect, irrespective of their background.


  • To be driven by the spirit of providing care without compromise on quality.
  • To build a culture of care for our own staff
  • To collaborate with likeminded partners and external stakeholder groups


Be the leading force in Home bound care across India