“ Harnessing the untapped potential of our society
to serve every home”.

Who we are?

Medezer is a non-profit venture, registered as a Trust in Bangalore. The Trust’s main objective is to offer affordable medical training for rural youth looking for a career in the healthcare sector. Through this approach our teams are equipped to deal with the primary health needs of our community as well as provide home based care for those needing long term acute medical care.


How we help?

Medezer Healthcare Assistant Academy (MHAA)

Educating and training the rural youth seeking a career in healthcare

Medical Care Assistance Program

Offering medical care support for geriatric patients, palliative care, & long-term care.

How you could help?

  • Offering financial support for marginalised students
  • Be part of our mentoring program for student development
  • Medical Doctors to help build our Bridge tele-consultation program
  • Medical Institutions Volunteer for our mental health programs -especially students

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